Gary Kotula is the artist for all of your special needs. He is a multi-talented artist and can create unique, one-of-a-kind art for your events, for your home, for your business, for gift giving, and much more.

Caricature Art is perfect for all types of parties and events. Quick sketch Caricatures are drawn from scratch on 8½" x 11" card stock paper and given out in clear plastic bags for their protection. They can be drawn on plain paper or a theme can be added, such as a Western “Wanted” poster, to suit your event. These fun mementos can be done live or pre-made from photographs provided by you to create instant happiness for you and your guests. Everyone loves a Caricature drawing keep-sake and will cherish this memory.

Pen and Ink Portraiture are the perfect accent for any room. They are drawn on 20" x 28" Arches paper or in the size of your choosing. Created from your photographs, you can have a one-of-a- kind piece of artwork of your loved ones, a beloved pet, that special hero in uniform, a landscape, or just about anything. These unique pieces of art can be enhanced with secondary or hidden images and will enhance any wall that they adorn.

Custom Greeting Cards are one of the most unique ways to show people that you think they are special enough to receive a customized card. These are one-of-a-kind drawings on greeting card stock that can be used for any event or celebration. Imagine you own custom Greeting Card for holidays, invitations, or announcements. The card is drawn to your specifications and can be humorous, cartoon looking, or have a serious theme. It’s your choice on how to make your event special and memorable.

Logos are the perfect way to give your business its own unique identity. Starting up a business? Does your company need a way to be easily recognized? Gary’s background in logo/package design makes him the perfect person to create that special image that will speak for itself about the service you offer.

Gary Kotula - Artist

Gary is a multi-talented artist who will delight you with his witty approach to life. His comical gift brings laughter, smiles, and joy to everyone who meets him. Through his artistry, he adds that needed touch to every event whether it is a private party, a corporate gathering, or a public celebration.

Gary has been drawing for most of his life. He is a self taught artist who has the gift of instinctively knowing how to create the perfect image on paper. Whether he is drawing Caricatures or creating Fine Art Portraiture in Pen and Ink, a magical talent emerges when his pen touches the paper.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Gary began his career as a commercial artist. His dream was to be a Western Artist. He was finally able to fulfill his dream after he relocated to Arizona. The beauty of the state, with its scenic landscape, beautiful sunsets, 350 days of sunny weather, along with its Western heritage became the inspiration for his many Western-themed Pen and Ink drawings. Creating Caricatures became a natural extension of Gary’s humorous nature. His special talent for drawing how a person would look in cartoon form made him a popular part of the entertainment at parties and events. Gary’s talent also extends to one-of-a-kind custom Greeting Cards, and Logos for all types of businesses.

Through the years, Gary has been very active in the Entertainment industry in Arizona and is known as an all-around Entertainer, appearing in comedy shows, film, and commercials as well as singing and playing various musical instruments in bands at venues around the state. Currently, Gary is appearing with a folk band called The Arizona Trio.

I AM FOR HIRE - Worth Every Dollar & Filled with Excitement!

Gary is always interested in hearing from you and is willing to accommodate your needs and your special dates. Just call or send an email by Clicking Here. Gary will ask a few questions and give you ideas that will make your event the one that everyone will be talking about. His talents in creating fun and unique Caricatures will enhance everything from a birthday party, a wedding or anniversary gathering, a sporting venue, a corporate event, to a community celebration, and much, much more.