Gary Kotula

Meet the Seasoned Artist Behind The GK Corral...Gary Kotula

Gary is a multitalented artist who delights people with his witty approach to life. His comical gifts bring laughter, smiles, and joy to everyone he meets. Through his artistry, Gary adds that special touch to every event, whether it’s a private occasion, corporate function, or public celebration.

Whether he is drawing caricatures or creating portraits, a magical talent emerges whenever his pen touches the paper.

Professional Background

Gary began his career in Technical Art & later switched to Commercial Art. His dream was to be a Western artist, and he finally fulfilled this after he moved from Detroit, Michigan to Phoenix, Arizona. The state’s scenic landscape and rich heritage were the inspiration of his many Western-themed drawings.

Soon after, caricatures became a natural extension of Gary’s humorous nature. His special talents brought him to parties and events to be part of the entertainment.


Other Performing Arts Stints

Through the years, Gary has been very active in the entertainment industry in Arizona. He is known as an all-around entertainer, appearing in comedy shows, films, and commercials as well as singing and playing various musical instruments in bands. Currently, he has been performing with a folk band called The Arizona Trio since 2008.